It has been a prolonged process for the Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) to work through the [now] two taxpayer refunds. The Department  continues to receive calls requesting forms for the $200 Automatic Taxpayer Refund (ATR). There is no special form to complete to receive this refund. Under Indiana law, eligibility requirements for the $200… Read More

On 3/1/2022, the IRS, addressed the backlog of unprocessed tax return by announcing it is planning to hire 10,000 employees over the next two years in order to help deal with the backlog of millions of tax returns. The agency reportedly plans to do this by accelerating recruiting in the coming weeks for 80 different… Read More

We encourage our clients to initiate an online account with the IRS. Having an online account will allow you (and us) to work more quickly to obtain information and communicate with the IRS if there are problems. It’s easy to set up. You can learn about the taxpayer online account here  … Read More

Indiana law requires that when the state treasury has an excess balance (excess is determined by law), then the State is mandated to return a portion of the excess to the taxpayers. It has been the better part of 20 years since that last happened. But, it will again in 2022, about 125.00 per qualified… Read More

Let’s just get it out there. The IRS is having tremendous struggles in every operational area, with an unprecedented backlog of incomplete work. At mid-January 2022, the IRS reported that all tax returns timely filed by the due date (not including extensions) that were not pulled for research or verification were completely processed. As of… Read More

As part of the American Rescue Plan passed in March 2021, Congress increased the Child Tax Credit to up to 3,000 per eligible child. In addition, eligible taxpayers will begin to receive advance payments in mid-July so they do not have to wait to receive the credit on the 2021 taxes to be filed in… Read More