For New Clients

We are honored that you have chosen Whitewater Group to prepare your tax return(s), and will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the largest refund or pay the least amount of tax possible under current tax laws.

Whether you prepared your own tax returns or used another firm in the past, there is always some uncertainly when making a change in professional services, and we’ll do our utmost to make it as easy as possible. The information below will assist you to learn about our process and what you can expect during our engagement.

Process Overview

We begin by collecting information to prepare the tax returns. You’ll be asked to provide tax documents and other data so we fully understand your tax situation and needs. After the information is received, the preparation begins and if there are questions or clarification is needed during that time one our team members will contact you, typically by email, sometimes by phone. After the initial preparation is finished the tax return is reviewed (quality control) you are notified the return is complete and receive the results. We ask that you review the results prior to signing (paper or digitally) and are glad to meet with you (in person or virtually) to review, explain and discuss the outcome of your tax return. Lastly, we will help you with tax planning as needed.

Information We Need

You will be asked to provide all the tax documents you receive. A tax preparation checklist of common tax documents can be found under the Tax Resources tab on our website. Each client also provides an Authorization to Prepare and a Client Organizer. These are used for you to learn our policies as well as communicate information we need and preferences on how you wish to receive your tax returns, refunds, etc. New clients will also be asked to provide proof of identification (required by law) and the prior year tax returns to ensure any carry-forward items or other information that may affect your current year tax preparation is not overlooked (this is a one-time occurrence).

How to Provide Information

Information needed may be provided in a few different ways. It can be dropped off at our office, or sent by mail, or brought to a tax preparation appointment. Any original tax documents provided will be returned when the tax returns are complete. If copies of documents are provided (and the originals kept) the copies will be destroyed.

All clients are provided a client portal (by invitation), unique to them. It is completely secure—accessible only by you and our staff—and it allows us to share documents, store a copy of your tax returns, etc. The portal can be accessed by any computer, tablet or phone. We suggest you also download and use the mobile app (Android or Apple) for maximum efficiency. New user instructions for using the portal are under the Client Portal tab on our website.

For your protection, never email tax or other documents with personal information to us unless we specifically request that you do so. Additionally, we will not email sensitive, personally identifiable documents to you. Any document you request, e.g. copy of tax return, will be provided via your secure portal. Also, Federal privacy laws prohibit us from providing any personal information directly to third parties, e.g. mortgage companies, etc.

We Are Here to Help

For some, our process can seem a little overwhelming. The first year is a little unique, it is all so new. We want your experience to be efficient, smooth and comfortable. Rest assured, we are here for you. If there are questions, confusion, technical difficulties, or any other concerns do not hesitate to call us.

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to working with you.