For New Clients

We are honored that you have chosen Whitewater Group to prepare your tax return(s), and will work closely with you to ensure that you receive the largest refund and pay the least amount of tax possible under current tax laws.

We are here to help.

Whether you prepared your own tax returns or used another firm in the past, there is always some uncertainty when making a change in professional services. The information below will assist you to learn about our process and what you can expect as our valued client. We want your experience to be efficient, smooth and comfortable. Rest assured, we are here for you. 

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to working with you.

What is the process to complete my tax return?

We begin by collecting information to prepare the tax returns. You will be asked to provide tax documents and other data so we fully understand your tax situation and needs. After the information is received, the preparation begins. If during the process there are questions, one of our team members will contact you. After the initial preparation is finished, the tax return is reviewed (quality control), you are notified the return is complete and receive the results. We ask that you review the results prior to signing (paper or digitally). We are glad to meet with you (in person or virtually) to review, explain and discuss the outcome of your tax return. Lastly, we will help you with tax planning as needed.

Who will complete my return?

Whitewater is a team, one of the many ways we provide exceptional value to our clients. Your return will be prepared by one of our highly experienced accountants or enrolled agents. Our team members specialize in many different types of complex tax returns. Your return will be prepared by the team member whose expertise is best suited to your specific needs and has the expertise appropriate for your particular situation. Prior to the completed return being provided to you, it is reviewed by a second team member to check for omissions or errors. Collectively, our team has decades of experience professionally preparing tax returns. Every team member stays current with tax law changes annually and exceeds all Continuing Professional Education requirements.

Do I meet with someone in-person?

We enjoy meeting our clients both in-person and virtually. Clients are welcomed and encouraged to ask questions so that they are fully informed regarding the results of their tax returns. There is no cost to meet before your tax returns are prepared to answer your preliminary questions and ensure we understand your situation. There is also no cost to discuss the results of your tax return after it is completed.

Can I do everything online?

Yes, you may complete the entire process using our secure personal client portal system if you choose.

What is the cost for filing a tax return?

Since each client’s need is different and often unique, tax preparation fees are tailored so our clients are paying only for services which are necessary to accurately complete the filings. For example, a tax return that includes rental property, cryptocurrency, energy credits, etc. would differ from one that does not.

May I get a tax preparation estimate?

There is not a charge to provide a good-faith estimate for the anticipated cost of preparing your tax returns. If you would like an estimate, you can request one using this link. We will review the prior year completed tax returns, and base the estimate based on preparing the same type of tax return with no substantial changes. If we determine that unanticipated work is needed, after your current tax year materials are received, you will be provided with a revised estimate.

What are your payment terms?

New clients are required to pay for service in advance. A retainer for 50% of the expected cost is required prior to the time preparation can begin. The balance is due after the tax return has been provided, you have reviewed it and are prepared to sign it.

How do I get started if I want to engage Whitewater Group to prepare my taxes?

New clients are welcome, and thank you for the opportunity to serve your needs. You may start the onboarding process by complete the good-faith estimate form at this link. Please email us at with any questions on how to proceed with becoming a client. A response is generally received within two business days.

What information do you need from me?

You will be asked to provide all the tax documents you receive. A tax preparation checklist of common tax documents can be found here. Each client also provides an Authorization to Prepare and a Client Organizer. These are used for you to learn our policies as well as communicate information we need and preferences on how you wish to receive your tax returns, refunds, etc.

How should I get my tax documents to you?

Our goal is to make the tax preparation process convenient and simple for you. There are several options available for clients to provide their materials to us. Documents can be uploaded to the personal secure client portal, dropped off at our office or sent by mail. Please Note: If original documents are provided, they should be picked up at our office after the tax returns are complete.

For your protection, never email tax or other documents with personal information to us unless we specifically request that you do so. Additionally, we will not email sensitive, personally identifiable documents to you. Any document you request, e.g. copy of tax return, will be provided via your secure portal. Also, Federal privacy laws prohibit us from providing any personal information directly to third parties, e.g. mortgage companies, etc.

How long will it take for my tax returns to be completed?

The turnaround time depends on three factors: first, that all the information needed to prepare the return has been provided; second, your promptness in responding to questions you may receive during the preparation process; third, when your documents arrive. Preparation completion times, after your materials are received, are generally under two weeks during the early part of the tax season (January through February) and extend to approximately three weeks in March. If sufficient materials to complete the tax return are not received by about March 25th, we must begin to extend tax returns in order to provide the quality of work to which our clients are accustomed.

How will I know my tax return has been filed and accepted?

As an IRS authorized Electronic Return Originator, Whitewater Group is required to transmit tax returns within 3 days of receiving a signed Declaration of Electronic Filing, either written or by electronic signature. Tax returns are transmitted directly to the IRS every business day. If there are issues with processing your tax return, we will contact you promptly.

Who should I contact with questions?

We are glad to answer your questions. You can email or call us at 317-483-4200 X105. Please add ** to your safe sender list to ensure you will receive correspondence from anyone on our team that needs to correspond with you.

What happens if there are issues with my return?

Issue resolution is a high priority at Whitewater Group. If problems arise, they are addressed by the team member best equipped to resolve the matter as expeditiously and efficiently as possible. If you receive a notice from a tax authority it is imperative to let us know promptly.

Do you offer an extended protection program?

Our firm offers an optional Worry-Free Client Protection Program to assist with any type of tax matter including audits, tax issues, and planning. You can find information on the program at this link.

What happens if I owe tax?

If there is a balance due on the tax return, you will be provided with instructions on how to pay. Filing early is highly recommended if you believe you may have a balance due on your completed tax returns. Irrespective of when the tax return is completed and transmitted, any balance due does not need to be paid until the due date of the tax return (April). Filing early provides some advance notice to prepare for the payment. If you are unable to pay a tax balance by the due date, we will provide information on long-term payment agreements.

What if I need an extension?

We will file extensions for new clients electronically. There is a $150 extension fee payable at the time of the request to file the extension. Part of the extension fee may be applied to the cost of tax preparation. The amount applicable is determined when sufficient documents arrive to prepare the tax return, based on the following dates:

Days past filing due date Amount of extension fee to be applied to tax preparation fee
1-30 $100
31-60 $50
61+ $0