Taxpayer Debt & Audit Representation


Tax auditThe term “no taxation without representation” has a very different meaning in the 21st century than it did when it was used as a primary grievance in the 18th century. The tax code is complex. The laws governing the enforcement of the code, including taxpayer rights, assessment penalties, appeals, etc. are even more complex, and the everyday citizen cannot be expected to either know or understand the myriad of rules, regulations and enforcement standards of the IRS. A taxpayer that represents themself generally pays substantially more in tax, penalty and interest than those who engage an experienced professional that understands the best strategy to ultimately save money.

If you receive a Notice of Examination, Proposed Change to Your Tax Return or other letter from the IRS indicating it disagrees with a filing, call us. We can help. We’ll work for you to achieve the best possible outcome in the least amount of time and with the least amount of stress. You don’t even have to respond or attend any meetings, we’ll handle everything. It’s that easy.


Businessman stress about tax.

Have a dispute or other problem with the IRS? Unfortunately, it happens for a variety of reasons even, when it seems, you have done nothing wrong or the issue is due to circumstances beyond your control. Before you know it, the letters start coming and coming and they don’t stop. For the inexperienced, the process can be daunting, let alone intimidating.

We don’t judge our clients, we defend them. If you have tax problems, we can assist. The IRS has a number of programs with which we routinely deal to resolve a variety of tax problems, including:

  • Unfiled taxes
  • Proposed balances due
  • Penalties & Fines
  • Collection Issues
  • Threats and liens
  • Back taxes owed
  • Offers-in-Compromise
  • Innocent Spouse
  • Civil Penalty matters
  • Business tax issues
  • Foreign income reporting compliance
  • “Fresh Start” program