Business Advisory Services

Our solutions for business are based on years of hands-on experience guiding large and small companies to improved profits, maximized return on investment and greater company value. We have run large and small businesses. We know what it is like to experience growing pains, and lose sleep over decisions. We know the landscape, the players, the issues–and the key to planned, profitable growth.


Business success

Congratulations on beating the odds. The early stages of a company are times of excitement and promise. They are also times when growing pains can become real obstacles to growth and success.

You know the business needs the infrastructure, the people, and the balance sheet to leverage the early successes, but you simply haven’t had the chance to consider growth strategy. What’s more, you’re not sure how to go about getting lenders and investors on board.

So what’s an early stage company to do? Call Whitewater Group. We can help.

At Whitewater Group we specialize in providing creative, real-world solutions for your growing concerns. We’ll assist you with a path to developing a strategic outlook supported by a strong tactical plan that gets your business headed toward the controlled, profitable growth it needs to sustain the great start.

Whether you need help developing a solid business plan, or just an experienced pair of eyes to look over your shoulder, we can help.

Our best practice services for early stage companies includes:

  • Infrastructure planning
  • Financial planning
  • Organizational planning
  • Strategy-focused management development
  • Process gap analysis
  • Lending relationship and capital raising
  • Outsource accounting services


Business chart , computer generated image. 3d rendered image.

From growing pains to growth. You’ve steered the company through that startup phase – not an easy thing to do. Now you’re focused on turning that initial success into controlled growth and creating long term value for stakeholders.

You know you need to scale the infrastructure, ensure the people are in the right place, and manage the balance sheet to leverage your successes. You haven’t had the chance to ramp up your strategy. What’s more, it’s not easy to get lenders and investors on board in today’s sensitive arena.

So how’s an emerging company going to get to that next level? Call us. We can help by providing focused, real-world solutions to your growing concerns.

It took an infinite number of good decisions to get the company to this point, but takes only a single bad one to lose a lot of ground. We’ll help you develop a solid growth plan and work with you to build your financial position into the controlled, profitable growth you need and avoid the cash-flow crunches that stall so many growing businesses.

businesswoman marking "marketing" in blue on the gradient background made in 2d softwareAdvisory Services we offer include:

  • Business model development
  • CFO support
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Organizational planning
  • Development of strategy-focused management
  • Gap analysis of fundamental business resources
  • Lender, investor and venture capital relationship development
  • Interim CEO leadership
  • Exit strategies